Had a pretty amazing dream. I was shopping with my mom and I had this tight dress on. It made me look amazing. (Note to self: wear more dresses). And I found this coat to go with it. It was like a poncho tweed coat. It look great on me. And the coat was $498.00 and I got it for $49.00. What even?

Maybe I should go shopping soon? lol

Most had to do with running away. Or being on the run. With last days. In my dream I was ministering hope to a young girl who lost all her material possessions because we were on the run.

This is so awesome, how God is. I had this dream, and I posted it on Google Buzz. This dream was out of nowhere, and I was trying to interpret it on my own. When I got home got into prayer and reading the word/studying, and God told me my sister was gonna come upstairs (my best friend/sister in Christ lives downstairs from me :D ) So I heard her knocking. I was like, “Ok Lord, let’s see what’s going on”. We were fellowshipping (iron sharpens iron) and we were sharing some dreams. She had a prophetic dream, and than I told her about my dream. The Holy Spirit really wanted me to share it with her. I told her the dream, and she was breaking down each thing in the dream, and that was when it started rising in me. The holy spirit started interpreting what the dream meant. It was something that I had done in the past and was still ashamed about, and I didn’t even realize it. PRAISE GOD!! When he wants us to be set free, and when we cry out for freedom he will bring it. 

So I confessed it before my sister, and asked for forgiveness, as well as forgive myself. It was something that I was suppressing and still condemning/feeling guilty about myself and not realizing it. Even as a new creature. And just like in the dream when I asked for forgiveness, and was forgiven and felt such a relief, just as i confessed to my sister the opression lifted off of me. I just thank God, that he’s doing not just a mighty work in me, but in every person who calls on the name of Jesus. His word says that he will not finish perfecting us, until Jesus comes back, and his word is true. 

That’s me for today. Sometimes it hurts to get pruned, and sanctified. Things come up that we either have been suppressing and not wanting to deal with, or matters of the heart that we need to nip in the bud and deal with. But if we want to keep going in this race, and in the calling that God has on each of our lives, we need to bring these strongholds and let God truly deliver us. It’s scary at first, but his yoke and his burden is light and easy. It is good to hand it over to Jesus who has already paid the price. 

Summer is almost here, and at this point I don’t care of I’m ready or not. Not sure what’s going on, but all I know is about 3 things right now. 

#1 I am passionate about God, and I want to grow bolder, and stay consistent in my walk with Him.
#2 I love photography more than I thought. I have a passion and a gift for it. Must keep pursuing.
#3 I am going to stay positive, and stay spiritually sober and alert.  

That really sums it up. I have an old “to do list” that I  might resurrect and see if I can “to do” at least 5 of the things I wanted to do. Also I want to ride my bike. Also I want to take lots of pictures. Also I want to be more sensitive to those around me. Also I want to share Jesus with people. I want to meet divine appointments, and share the gospel, and give. Also I am excited for all these things. THE END

Till next time


New tumblr, first post. It’s weird being back at tumblr, yet it feels like home. Going to be more selective on who I want to follow this time around. Really glad work was over today, but will be back tomorrow and the day after. We had our monthly meeting today, and it sucked. I don’t want to claim it, but I cannot pay attention at meetings for the life of me. Not seeing I have Adult ADD, not sure I even believe in that. My theory is that I learn differently, and I sometimes get bored easily. So at the meeting I felt so dead being there. I wanted to scream and throw the table. 

I love my co workers, I respect my bosses, but I don’t love there views or there philosophies, as well as the company as a whole. I’m not there to represent myself (even though I lack at this…God is helping me per usual) and I am not there to represent even my dept. As far as I know and as far as the word of God says so, I am to represent Christ Jesus. Not only that, but it’s suffocating being there. So at the meeting I just felt like I should be in some studio or some trip taking photos. Anywhere taking photos. I can’t be there for ever. I DISLIKE  LOATHE the medical field, and the insurance/money aspect. It just gets shadier and shadier. 

I’m going back to school. Someway somehow for what I want to do. Again at the meeting I just felt like, maybe the pressure was on me in this way because God knows how stubborn I can be. Like he’s cooking the fire under me to get me going. So that was today at work. I really needed to vent. 

Also my dad’s been driving me a wee bit loca. I am asking God for strength, and compassion so I can honor my dad, and stop raising my voice to him. Yes, I did. SMH&facepalm. In way I am glad that I don’t live alone, because in a way my dad is preparing me for my future H. I think the one thing that I’ll miss when I get married (one day) is having the bed to myself. Nuff about that. 

Was looking at some really cool tumblr layouts, but then realized that you have to pay for them?? Bummer. I’m not paying for a cool layout, unless I had my own, true domain. Later future I suppose. I guess that’s it for now. Gonna see an episode of what I like about you, and than fall asleep. 

till next time