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Madmen showing at the Logan Square theater. Too much fun.

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Shenanigans with my friend. Nite time shots are the best.

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On the streets

People have often come up to me to ask for directions, money, the time, food, etc. When someone says “Excuse me” it doesn’t always mean they’re going to ask for money. A few times people have stopped me, just asking for directions and said thank you. Because I was the only one that stopped. Sometimes it’s had to do with race (people not stopping) or sometimes with the individual being a little extra special. I’m going to always (I hope) stop and listen. If I feel led to give monies I will. If I have to give them food, I won’t hesitate. If they’re talking crazy ill smile and pray for them. But I’m going to hear them out.

Oh and the reason I brought this up? This lady was crossing the street and starts yelling “excuse me is this going north?” I wasn’t sure at first what she was saying. Than I finally said yes. But I was surprised because there were a few people around me. I thought she was talking to this girl in front me. No one was saying anything or responding. That’s when I snapped out of my daze and yelled “Yes! It is :)”
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