How are things going, way up there in dreamland? Reality must be a bore for you. When you have to engage with the real world, be sure to don your rose colored glasses so you don’t see it for the big stinking mess it is. With your ability to see good in everyone, there are no…


"I have five deteriorating discs in my back. I tried to pick something up at work a few years back, and I heard a pop. I’d worked all my life up until then, but now I can’t. It messes with your psyche. You can’t be the man of the house anymore. You have to depend on your wife. You can’t play with your kids the way your dad played with you. Honestly, this is my second time out of the house in ten days. And not to rush your process or anything, but it hurts to stand here."

God why did they take this off Netflix

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at Sarks in the Park

Bathroom selfie


get your head in the game

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Vova Snoop Konstantinov

That’s an interesting take on a feather tattoo. Very unique.