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Leon The Professional, 1994


Leon The Professional, 1994

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Over three years James Mollison photographed fans outside different concerts for his project The DisciplesAs I photographed the project I began to see how the concerts became events for people to come together with surrogate ‘families’, a chance to relive their youth or try and be part of a scene that happened before they were born.”

  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Morrissey
  • The Cure
  • Oasis

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Sailor tattoo today #captain #nautical #rose #bird #laurel #sailor #tattoo #sea  (at

Here he is


Sailor tattoo today #captain #nautical #rose #bird #laurel #sailor #tattoo #sea (at

Here he is

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• I’ve already got my whole arm/sleeve planned out. I feel like it’s finally coming together.

• I adore my tattoo artist. I give her my ideas and they come out amazing. I’m glad to be part of her clientele.

• already having FB withdrawals. I get a thought about checking FB and remember that I’m not checking FB and I deleted the app. Wow. Insane.

• going camping this weekend and I’m excited to spend time with friends and excited that while they’re swimming I can try to catch up on reading (in the shade of course)

• I’m officially off and can sleep in tomorrow.

• I’m happy.

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Two ppl have slapped my arm. Yes. That arm I just got tattoo’ed. Not on purpose. First time was yesterday. My co worker slapped me playfully. I have no way to fully describe it on here. Just that she felt really really bad.

Than today at the end of my work day, my boss comes and sits next to me to see how I am. She’s asking me what I’m doing while I’m off the next few days. And she playfully slaps it/pushes it. And I gasp. And she felt bad.

But come on people. Dag.

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